National ad campaigns

As a copywriter I enjoy creating results-driven copy and ad concepts for national campaigns. They are stories of the briefest kind. How much can I inspire you in the few moments you spend with the piece? All of the items on this page are the stand out pieces of larger campaigns that included online, email, print and out of home.

Promotional elevator video
(no sound)

This campaign with the Irish Tourism Bureau was a great success and drove a significant rise in sales year-of-year. It is inspiring and positions Ireland as authentic, real and approachable.

Elevator wrap in Toronto

An out-of-home opportunity in partnership with the Curacao Tourism Bureau. An eye-catching image to welcome people to their work days in key office towers across the Greater Toronto Area.

Full-page ad in enRoute magazine

A campaign to encourage family bookings for summer travel. Give something special to your kids.

Europe mailer

Click on the the image to get the whole PDF.

A multi-page mailer sent out to 60,000 past customers and key demographics. Bright and colourful with bite-sized content, this vehicle produced an increase in traffic and conversion.

Homepage promotion box for

To encourage advanced booking Air Canada Vacations offers a discount. This is for summer 2015 and encourages parents to give their children memories to treasure. This was part of a national campaign that all shared the same creative.

Homepage promotion box for

Saving the tax is always a popular campaign. The challenge here was to deliver the message in a lager emotional context, conveying not just the discount but also the advantage to the consumer. This was part of a national campaign that all shared the same creative.

Print ad

One of the first ads I ever created for Air Canada Vacations. This ad for travel insurance ran in our most important brochures for 3 years. Copy read: On vacation, most surprises are good. Let us take care of the ones that aren't.

Intro for the 2010 cruise brochure

The opening spread of the 2010 Air Canada Vacations cruise brochure. I like how daring this was.

An affair to remember

We’d shopped the markets in St. Thomas. We’d climbed to Brimstone Hill Fortress in St. Kitts. We’d tasted delicious treats in Grenada. My parents’ anniversary has been toasted. My sister and her husband had fallen in love again. The kids, all six of them, had made new friends. And now, on our way to dive the blue waters of Bonaire, I stepped lightly to the bow of our cruise ship.

This was going to be our evening together, our quiet moment to ourselves. We would watch the sunset in each other’s arms. Then enjoy a nice martini at the bar before a warm evening of rich seafood and dancing. Later, perhaps, we would toast the moon from our balcony and watch it shimmer across the waves. Maybe.

And there he was, my one true love, my husband, waiting for me as he had promised. He stood on the deserted deck, the waves beating gently against the hull, the wind blowing in his hair. Cruising seems to have more passion, more sensuality than other vacations. Perhaps it’s the taste of the salt wind, of the exotic destinations, or perhaps it’s the exquisite feeling of being alone together surrounded by the vast romance of the deep, deep ocean.

My dress caught lightly in the breeze.

“Glad you could make it,” he said.

Our arms locks.

“So am I.”

The sunset blazed across the water.

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